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Hey all! I'm getting things ready to launch the weekly blog to support My 5 Year Plan and Year 1 of My 5 Year Plan. This would be the packing part of the journey. I've got my list and I'm checking it twice.

I've spent and am spending time reviewing and reflecting on the things that I want to achieve. One thing that I am reminding myself is to avoid overwhelming myself by trying to do or change too many things at once. Yeah, I can lose the 20 pounds on a strict diet and exercise regimen in just a few months if I put my mind to it, but I can also let the pounds fall off slowly while I enjoy the process and carefully adapt the subtle changes into my daily life so that they become lifelong good habits.

Been there, done that!

I'm opting for the lifelong habits. The flash diets have done nothing for me in the past, so let's try something new.

I'm armed with a good number of healthy recipes that I found on a few websites. One that I really liked was They have weekly meal plans with lots of helpful information. I picked several recipes that I liked from their arsenal and printed them off. I will try one or two new recipes each week and incorporate the ones we like best into our regular rotation of favourite meals.

I have my yoga mat and favourite online yoga instructor queued up for the morning - something that I already do sporadically, but my goal is to be more consistent with my practice. Tomorrow I re-start a 30 day challenge. Why wait for the New Year - I want to start feeling stronger now!

I have outlined blogs for the next several weeks. I planned on doing a few more this evening, but alas, I spilled ginger ale in my bag and my notebook and calendars are now air drying in front of the fan.

Plan B

It's always good to have a Plan B! A short-term goal that is on my list is to decide what paintings to offer each month and paint those paintings, so my task tonight will be to review paintings for that purpose and perhaps even start painting a sample or two.

I'm experimenting with using sticky notes with little tasks that I might complete when it's slow at work, waiting in the airport or on a flight. I place it in my day planner which is usually with me so that they're handy when I need them and I can transfer them between notebooks as needed.

I created a Facebook group and here is the link:

Fair warning - it's not much of anything just yet. That page is part of my goals for this year, so I will be developing it along with you. Also - don't be shocked - there are only a few people who are following and it may be a quiet little group - but hey - it's a fun experiment!

How are you doing with your planning and goal setting? It's daunting, I know. Just take it in little bites and we'll work through it together.

Please feel free to share your tips to keep you motivated and prepared. Don't be afraid to share your fears, worries. Please share your motivational playlists! Let's get this party started!


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