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Intention Reflection

In this area, November is a quieter time of year and as we round into the Holidays thoughts of the New Year inevitably have me in a reflective mood.

I enjoy browsing through my photos and day planner to make a quick summary by month of the things that happened that year and I find it fascinating when I sit back and look at my year in review!

When I'm feeling stuck or that I'm not accomplishing much toward my goals, I find that taking the time to pull together information from whatever platform/s that I use helps me to remember more, to recognize areas where I've improved, remind me of thoughts or ideas that I'd like to pursue further, reminisce about the positive experiences and celebrate overcoming the negative ones.


In today's blog post, I invite you to take stock of your 2023. Just take a few sheets of paper and start with January as your title. Flip through your calendar or day planner. Scroll through your photos by month. Scroll through your emails and/or texts. Look at your journal entries. Perhaps you have another platform that helps you to remember what you did all year. Jot down your list. It doesn't have to be pretty, mine certainly isn't - I can barely read my own scribble!

Give yourself enough time to reminisce or take breaks. If any ideas for 2024 come to mind, jot them down on a separate page and save them for later.

Follow Joy

Notice your patterns with a conscious effort to remove judgment or emotion.

Are you setting goals that are in alignment with your true wants and needs or are you basing them on outside expectations?

I always thought that I wanted to learn how to play guitar. I was given one in 2017 and picked it up about half a dozen times and it's now collecting dust in the corner. Clearly I'm not as passionate about playing guitar as I once thought I would be and that is OK. I tried. I experimented. I learned.

Notice where you do spend your time and energy. How do those things contribute to the life that you want? Are you spinning your wheels in the vortex of scrolling because you can't focus or because you simply don't know how to identify what you really want and you're feeling a bit lost?

Notice which memories bring you joy and which ones make you cringe. Delve deeper into the things that bring you joy - this is the clue to recognizing the things that you truly want.

Wait, what?

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself! Please allow me to re-introduce the new and improved "My 5 Year Planner". I published the first edition last November, purchased a copy and have been testing it throughout the year which led me to make some changes.

My original intention was to create the type of planner that I wanted to personally use. Publishing it through Amazon meant that I could put it out there and order 1 for me and if that was it - great. But since it's already there, I can share it with others and perhaps have a positive impact on your lives - even better! And if I can generate a small income by sharing the love, it's a win-win-win situation.

Included are sections to help you through the planning process:

  • Take a look back

  • Visualize your dream life

  • Assess where you are at now compared to that dream life

  • Guideline for setting SMART goals

  • Annual goal summary page

  • Questions to prompt thought about health, family relationships, romantic relationships, social life, travel, career, finance

  • Monthly self check-ins

  • Space to review annual wins, challenges and pivot points

Each week begins with one of my own photographs and a unique inspirational quote.

To support you further in the process, I will be publishing a weekly blog with those quotes as the topic.

Again - win-win, because I will be moving through the process with you as I pursue my own goals. Pretty cool, right?

It takes a village

I have created a facebook group for those of you who are interested in having a community to support you, to share ideas, celebrate successes, share information, suggestions and to connect with others who may become part of your success circle. I'll be sharing that soon.

And last, but not least...

The full 5 year planner is a BIG book and not everyone wants that, so I have a one year version that may fit your needs better. All of the tools are included and all of the support still applies. Yet again - win-win!

The Planners are available on Amazon now!

Whether you are working with one of my planners or one of your own, I hope to connect with you in our individual journeys to create a life of purpose and passion!


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