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I was watching home videos from when my children were wee little ones a week and a half ago. Be still my heart! It was so nice to see my babies as they were back then - at the same age as my grandson. I don't have to tell any parent how it just takes me right back to that time and it's so wonderful to relive those joyful moments. Given that I am the videographer for the majority of the clips, it's easy to feel like I've traveled back in time!

Ironically that will be the ONLY traveling that any of us will be doing for a while. With the world being held hostage by the COVID-19 virus, we're all enjoying staycations and spending all of our time with our loved ones...right? LOL

This is your opportunity to make the most of the most valuable thing on the planet - time!

One of the cute things from my videos was from when my daughter was about 2 1/2 yrs old and she remembered seeing birds in the sky from the previous day. In her language they were called "JinJins"

Hence the inspiration for the title of this post. She made me think of the many birds that will be returning to Jasper soon. Having been here for almost 4 years (yep - in August!), I've become more familiar with the different species and when they migrate through or come to spend a season and I look forward to seeing some of my old friends as well as meeting new ones! Here are just a few to keep you entertained - How many can you name? Answers in captions below each collage - don't peek!

From top - left to right: Osprey, Barrow's Golden-Eye Duck; Robin, Ruffed Grouse; Mountain Chickadee; Pileated Woodpecker; Raven; Canada Jay (aka Whiskey Jack or Gray Jay); Red-Breasted Nuthatch

This one is dedicated to the Mountain Bluebird - aren't they stunning!!

From top - left to right: Canada Goose with Horned Grebes (you can tell how tiny many of these ducks are next to the goose!); Spotted Sandpiper; Common Loon; Harlequin Duck; Barn Swallow; Surf Scoter; Hmmm...anyone know this one?; Yellow-rumped Warbler

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