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Patience is a Virtue

The first time I submitted Riley’s Adventures with Granny in the Mountains – Pyramid Mountain and Mule Deer for paperback publication on KDP/Amazon was September 6, 2020. Within three days I received an email telling me that my title needed attention. My file was rejected because it needed some tweaks to the sizing of pages and photos and for “flattening” to embed fonts and pictures. They were kind enough to give me exact page references and I set about fixing the issues which led to researching how to flatten/embed and make the adjustments. OK. That didn’t seem to difficult, so I uploaded and re-submitted October 27.

Rinse and Repeat

Three days later, I got an email telling me my title needed attention. Rinse and repeat 3 more times until…May 26, 2021. I didn’t get an email, however, I logged into my account to see the glorious status “PUBLISHING” with a little pop up that says it may take up to 72 hours for it to be live. Halleluiah!


I whooped and woohoo’d around the apartment then promptly texted Jennifer the screenshot of the status and made a Facebook post to advise my loyal fans (aka my enormous family and friends) that it would be going live soon. I needed to gather some support for go live day.

After a few days, I started checking the FAQs and saw it could be a little longer, up to a week sometimes, so I waited patiently. Since I also have a full time job, I spend much of my weekend sorting out updates to my website, social media, any book-related tasks, connecting with family, household responsibilities, getting outdoors and finding some time to actually write the books.

Oh Technology..

Today it’s two weeks, so I figured I better give them a call. First – I have to say that I am impressed with KDP’s customer service – there’s a ton of FAQ that answers most questions, but I needed a live body so I requested a call back. I was shocked when my phone rang less than a minute later. The young lady was very competent and helpful, but she found that there is a known technical issue that has a number of paperback publications currently “stuck” in the publishing system.

So, now I wait. Again. And while I do, I will keep working on improving my website, so if you happen to be stopping by and see things out of sorts, it’s just Granny doing some spring cleaning and re-organizing. Please feel free to leave me a note. Tell me how you’re doing, what you like/don’t like about the site, what you might like to see, if you’ve read the book or watched the video or just say hi!


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