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Week 2: "Start your week by celebrating what you will achieve"

We're early in the year or process if you are starting at any time. Make this week's achievement goal something that you can hit out of the park easily. I know it seems mundane, but it's a necessary mental exercise to start creating and celebrating your wins.

If you are trying to get out and socialize a bit more, just add a stop at the grocery store to your day and say hello to the cashier. It's ok if that's all of the social interaction you can handle today. It's a win!

If you are trying to save extra money for something special, put $5 in a jar and get it started.

Hit your goal for water intake at least once today.

Log an extra 10 minutes of exercise, stretching or meditation.

Make it through the week.

Give yourself kudos for whatever you achieved and let that momentum build.

Celebrate the wins! What were yours this week?



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