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Our Latest Adventures!

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Riley's First Adventure with Granny

In their first adventure, Riley visits Granny through his dreams and they climb Pyramid Mountain.  Riley is fascinated by the new sights and curious about the fuzzy eared creatures he encounters on the way to the top.  With mule dear and mountains on his mind, he drifts back to sleep in Granny's arms.

Riley's Adventures with Granny in the Mountains - Pyramid Mountain and Mule Deer
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A great book for teachers to use in the classroom!

What a great story with wonderful illustrations! I’m a teacher and will love to use this book in my classroom!!

Wallace Smithson

A heartwarming story and learning adventure!

Absolutely love the second book in the series. Heartwarming story about the connection between grandmother and grandchild all the while learning facts about Big Horn Sheep! Can't wait for the 3rd book in the series to add to my collection.

Annette Carrier

A Great Book!!

The author writes "down to earth" and makes it fun for kids to read. I love that we (not just the kids) are also learning. The pictures are vibrant and keep my son's attention while I read to him.  I look forward to the next adventure!!!

Cheryl Beaugrand

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