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Meet Granny

Lisa's Photo for back cover.jpg
- Lisa Nantais, Author -

Lisa Nantais was inspired to write a series of children's books when she became a grandmother in March of 2018. Though they live 3500 Km apart Granny and Riley maintain a close bond by connecting through video chat and through their imaginary adventures exploring the beautiful flora and fauna of Jasper National Park. It was by coincidence that she met illustrator, Jennifer Ottaway at a local Christmas craft fair. Jennifer's water colour style was exactly what Lisa had envisioned.

Meet Jennifer

- Jennifer Ottaway, Illustrator -

The illustrator has always been fascinated by line and colour.  Encouraged by her family but uncertain of why she should create art, a period of homelessness gave her the answer.  Diaries kept over the years tell her story - one of optimism, faith, and solutions.  Now living in the mountains of Jasper National Park there are more stories to tell.

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