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New Year Stuff

Happy 2023

All of a sudden the holidays have slipped by and the new year is well upon us. Did you make resolutions? It’s ok if you didn’t – sometimes it’s better not to! No resolutions means no guilt or shame if you fall off track and there’s only one way to go – forward.

I’ve made resolutions many times with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I reached the goal I set out, sometimes I changed it, sometimes I scrapped it altogether, but always I learn something about myself in the process.

Managing Expectations

Managing expectations became a buzz phrase during my past life as a business woman, but it is also an important thing to remember for yourself. What does that look like for you? It could be reminding yourself that the number on the scale does not reflect what your body looks like. You can search “what does 150 lbs look like” and you’ll find a wide range of results. Or it could be reminding yourself that you don’t have to make major changes.

It’s perfectly ok – and I would highly recommend – simply making small changes incrementally.

The old saying is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Theoretically, you could form up to 17 new habits in a year. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking that task on, but if you’re up to it – why not, eh?

One habit that I choose to continue to make my number one priority this year is self-care. For me that looks like:

  1. Bubble baths

  2. Yoga

  3. Hiking, camping

  4. Healthy foods

  5. Tea

  6. Meditation

  7. Learning

  8. Rest

  9. Water

What is one thing that you will do for yourself this year?

I can help!

Sometimes it’s hard to think of or choose because the task seems overwhelming. I get it. I’ve been there at various stages of my life. When I was juggling the demands of an 8-5 job and trying to be a good mom, maintain a household and take care of myself, I couldn’t imagine one more thing to worry about.

How about this?

We all need rest, relaxation, sleep. We need to clear our minds of all the “noise” that distracts us so that we can allow ourselves the opportunity to reset. I am a big fan of meditation videos. I put them on while I paint or write for focus and I listen to them in headphones when I can’t sleep or to alleviate a headache.

Try it out!

Here’s a link to my new YouTube Channel called Meditations for Life. I will be releasing new videos each week for your enjoyment. Please let me know in the comments how you like them and please feel free to leave suggestions for future videos.

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