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Time Drunk

One thing about being isolated is that we have so much of what we are usually scrambling for - time.

We have effectually won the lottery of time and I am drunk on it! I have been soaking up the ability to do things like plant and care for seeds, do time lapses of them growing, trying several new recipes and working on crafty projects that I've had saved to my pinterest boards forever!

The best part is that I don't have to rush or set what I want to do aside when my only responsibility as an adult right now is to stay home, respect social distancing and take care of my household.

If I want to take a nap at any time day or night, I do. If I want to stay up late, I do. I had one night where I had too much wine - not recommended - the next day was not fun at all. But I have been enjoying a glass or two when the mood strikes.

So what happens if you have TOO much time? You get time drunk and it's not so pleasant any more? What can you do when you can't change that just yet?

Pace yourself.

Some of the things that I find have been helpful for me:

  1. Listen to inspirational music - My regular playlist got tired pretty quickly when I was playing it every single day being at home. I have been trying different eras and genres to change it up. The 50's stuff had me be-bopping in the kitchen yesterday and today I'm enjoying Love Songs of the 90's. What gets you shaking your booty and singing into the soup ladle?

  2. Listen to inspirational podcasts - My partner listens to sports podcasts to fall asleep. I don't really get podcasts much, nor was I ever much of a fan of Dr. Phil, but I do really love - Dr. Phil in the Blanks - Living by Design - 10 part series. I just started listening to his Relationship Reality Check series and it's good so far. If we're going to be isolated together for en extended period of time, it doesn't hurt to make sure you have balanced and healthy relationships. Do you listen to podcasts? What are some that you enjoy?

  3. Having some sort of routine. My morning starts at whatever time we decide to get up. Sometimes one or both of us are up early to explore the park, sometimes we sleep in and watch the birds out our window. Usually I'll check to see if there's a Riley video and he'll share videos or news of his boys, then we get up and have coffee, catch the latest news, usually Trudeau's daily update. Then we shelve the news for the day - at least from the main area. He likes to keep up more than I do on the outside world, so he'll keep interim updates to his office. I refill the diffuser and add a combination of essential oils to suit my mood, refill our humidifier, make the bed, get dressed, wash my face and brush my teeth, send messages to people I love and then plan my day.

  4. Self-care. This is important because it's easy for the stress and anxiety to creep up on you and steer you into habits that become self-destructive - like over-eating, drinking, obsessing etc. Nourish your body, mind and soul with a relaxing bubble bath or steamy shower, use a luxurious moisturizer on all of your skin, take your time and soak up the nice scents, do a few light stretches, meditation, play with makeup, learn a new song, wear your favourite clothes or jewelry just because they make you feel good, get out for a walk, examine what's growing in your yard, take photos, write in your journal, write a letter, watch home movies... Whatever it is that makes you feel good - do it!

  5. Connect. Reach out to friends, family, old friends. There are so many options that are available to you in this modern world - letter, phone call, text, skype, messenger, zoom, email - whatever works for you. I received a random message from a young woman who's father rented my cottage several years ago "Was thinking about how beautiful that place was and I don't think I ever got a chance to thank you for the awesome experience on the island, so thank you" MADE MY DAY!

  6. Learn something new. You don't have to go out and get a college degree. I've taken virtual tours of museums and historical houses offered online and I've seen many offerings for free webinars on many different topics. And have you heard of YouTube? Seriously you can find anything on here! I learned how to replace my bathroom sink and replace the cam dogs on my washer this way many moons ago. I've learned some skills for jewelry making, macrame, and saved a couple painting videos to make my own wine and paint night!

  7. Organize. I am a person who cannot stand clutter. Yes, mom - me, the teenage slob. I like an organized environment - it gives me the space and good energy flow that I need to be creative. The linen closet and my own closet both stay pretty organized because I am the only one that goes in them for the most part. The pantry, WAS a disaster. Pulling everything out in the process of bringing order out of chaos was great for getting an inventory of what we have when planning meals. It was enjoyable because I was unrushed, it was productive and I felt a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Marie Kondo was on our screen several months back and I started implementing some of her advice - I like it!

  8. This one is a what NOT to do. Washing your clothes in the tub is a bitch. Don't do it. As if the first load I tried wasn't enough - it had bath towels in it. Remember you have to wring the damn things TWICE - once after you wash and once after you rinse. Let me tell you - if your hands aren't strong from being a masseuse or professional laundry wringer and you're almost 50 - it's gonna hurt. Also - your back. Mumma Mia! First I tried kneeling on a folded towel, but that half bend in your back quickly lets you know that's not a good idea. Then I tried sitting on the edge. Now it's a half twist, back bend and now your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands are saying WTF! But they smelled so good and I thought it would be easier if I just didn't do the towels. Nope. No more tub washing for me as long as I can help it! They do smell good....

Today I might finally figure out why some photos on my digital frame are upside down or sideways. And then I'll have to play Jack Johnson.

How are you enjoying this day? I love hearing your ideas :)

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