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Winter Blahs

It's that time of year when you might be feeling the lack of sunlight, that melancholy ho-hum kind of mood where you can't think of any reason to be so blah, but you just are.

Me too.

Life is amazing in general and there is so much to be thankful for and yet... ho hum.

That's the winter blahs for you. What to do to combat this gray drizzly feeling? Plan your next vacation!! Somewhere sunny, tropical even. Somewhere like Pelee Island.

There's lots to look forward to on the island with the Spring Song Weekend May 12 - 14, The Island Unplugged Music Festival August 5 - 6, Sixth Annual Chili Cook-off August 19, Tenth Annual Heritage Weekend September 8 - 9 - along with all of the awesome sunshine, beaches and general summertime funtime!!

Live music, dancing, cold drinks and good food at Scudder's Tavern and Westview Tavern, awesome eats at the Anchor & Wheel, local artwork and gifts at the Pelee Artworks, sweet treats and gifts at the Treasure Emporium, upscale gifts at Down the Lane Boutique and don't forget the world class wines at the Pelee Island Winery - there's nothing like spending a warm, breezy summer day on their outdoor patio area enjoying some of the world's best wines and some tapas while enjoying some live local music!!

As I daydream of those dreamy summer days, the winter blahs are fading into the background...

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