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Week 6 "Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow"

One of my favourite things about the internet is the access to immediate information. I am of the generation that had to wait until I had access to a book that might contain the answers the questions I had. Imagine how this inquiring mind gets caught up in investigating the latest cool thing I saw while scrolling like a strange little scorpion spider or recently discovered historical artifacts!

I do try to harness my creative energies into a somewhat manageable number of projects given the lack of unlimited hours in a day, not to mention space to store all my supplies.

I continue to learn and evolve with the help of online courses that have taught me how to make a website and market my creations, how to maneuver KDP publishing on Amazon, how to write and storytelling, how to paint, etc.

If you take the time to learn how to use the tools available to you, you might find a fun little hobby, skill or business venture. Even 10 years ago, when I needed to learn how to replace the cam dog on my washer or install a new sink in my bathroom - I looked it up on YouTube and did it myself.

I like the quote of this week because I feel that learning IS living.

It really stuck in my brain when someone told me that 'television turns your brain to mush'. I was already a bookworm, so it wasn't a big revelation. It distracts me from the things that get me excited like learning, researching, painting, crafting, baking, cooking. If I do watch TV, it's usually a nature documentary.

What craft, activity, hobby, subject or course makes your eyes light up? Have you ever checked out any types of courses you might enjoy online? There are lots of free ones and when you start searching, you'll get more recommendations. I have taken a couple of 3 and 5 day sample art development courses and they were fantastic!

Each learning experience injects magical energy into the day which sparks even more positive energy to those around you.

I bet you'll find surprising little things in your community. In my home town, there's an outdoor art exhibit all along the waterfront - free and interesting learning opportunity. Libraries often offer programming for various ages. I've taken free courses that I found while browsing university or college sites.

Whatever tickles your fancy - never stop learning, because it IS living.


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