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Week 7 - "When you give joy to other people you get more joy in return."

I get to live this on a daily basis. As the concierge at a busy resort, I speak to hundreds of people every week. Each one of those interactions is an opportunity to impress or annoy and those interactions have a ripple effect.

Every week I manage amenities to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, engagements, girls weekends, healing trips, last wishes trips, recovery trips, family trips, baby moons, gender reveal surprises and more. Flowers, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, charcuterie, cakes, towel art, rose petals, dining reservations, special excursions, photographs/videos, music, decorations.

My ears are always listening to hear if they are celebrating or for something they like so I can surprise and delight. Most of the time the guests have no idea it was me, but sometimes they guess and it's incredibly heartwarming to see how much it means to them.

I lead painting classes, sharing something I enjoy with others and inspiring them to find their inner artist, style and colours. Just last night I told the group that I think I enjoy the experience even more than they do. It's really incredible to see the results and those big smiles.

How do you spread joy? Where have you experienced being the recipient and feeling that ripple effect lift your day?


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