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We are on the cusp of the Holidays, with less than two weeks until Christmas and a week after that - suddenly we'll be into 2024 or as I call it 4 AC.

New Beginnings

Starting on your 5 Year Plan, 1 Year Plan, or even just your weekly meal plan can be daunting. For some, setting the date to ramp up to gives them the time to prepare and plan. For others, the big January 1 resolutions push can be intimidating and overwhelming.

For this reason, I've kept the format of the planners flexible. You can enter in the Year/Month/Week/Date that you are working on. Over the past year, as I tested the product, I might have several consecutive weeks of notes, but during times where my attention was pulled in other directions for a period of time, I could easily pick it up later and using the next blank page, start again where I was on that day.

No pressure, no guilt, no waste :) Remember that the plan is the path that leads you to your goals. I can guarantee you one thing and that is - everything changes. Your plans will change as outside influences present challenges or opportunities that cause you to pivot or re-route but keep your eye on the prize. When you are blown off course by the winds of change, be open to the opportunities or learning experiences gained and figure out how to re-chart your course.

Start Where You Are

I highly encourage you to simply start where you are and build from there. Some examples that you can do right now:

  • Drink a cup of water

  • Walk to get the mail

  • Call that loved one you've been meaning to catch up with

  • Clear that pile of papers that have piled up on the corner of your table

  • Fold that load of laundry

  • Make one healthy meal

  • Update your finances

  • Apply for that job you want

  • Give yourself some TLC - I'm talking bubble bath & candles or book a massage

I am and have been working my plan for quite some time as I get ready to launch the weekly blog posts to support the 5 Year Planner.

I'm looking forward to learning and growing with you!



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