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Week 3: "Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward"

I'm a couple days late because I was traveling but I hope you're doing well and being kind to yourself ❤️

Looking back, we often reflect on the mistakes we made or the regret we carry. It's hard not to and we need to acknowledge those feelings in order to move past them.

Attempting to suppress or ignore feelings creates a pressure cooker in our minds that create actual physical ailments and those biological chemical reactions can send even the most unsuspecting person into anxiety, depression or even panic attacks.

I've learned during my time on this earth that life is hard for everyone. It may seem that some are blessed with only goodness and prosperity, but life is cyclical and you may be witnessing the ups of another person's experience while you are in a down cycle of your own. This may dredge up negative emotions such as inferiority, shame, jealousy, insecurity or hopelessness.

Hang in there!

Give yourself credit for all of the things that you've gotten through! Let go of the past because dwelling on it only eats up today and interferes with your plans for tomorrow.

Taking the lessons that you've collected from your past, how will you shape your tomorrows? Do you need to take any courses? Assistance with financial planning? Could you benefit from personal counselling of any sort? Career counselling? Nutritional counselling?

What is ONE thing that you can do to move toward your goals today?



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