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Week 4:"Hello week - let's do this!"

Side note: Oh the irony - real life threw me some curve balls so this post is a week delayed, but I did keep doing whatever small things I could to move myself forward. - Back on track tomorrow with Week 5!

OK! 4 weeks in. How are you doing?

The saying is that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Have you formed any?

I've found over the years that this is kind of where I might drop off - especially when my body was young and would tone and drop pounds with much less effort!

Whether it's from deflating or just feeling deflated, stopping your health goals will not serve you long term. We're looking for long term success!

If you need to take a break, take one. No one is perfect. Take an hour or a day or a week, but keep your eyes on the prize and keep doing at least ONE thing that will move you toward a goal.

Remember that person you will be looking at in the mirror one year, two years, five years from now.

How do you feel when someone breaks their promise to you? Love yourself enough to commit to a real promise to be healthier and keep making small, consistent steps toward that goal.

Write down your promise and keep it with you. Look at it often. Tape it to your mirror, write it in your day planner, put sticky notes wherever you need them to keep you focused on the promises that you are making to yourself.


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